Sofia Perez has been trained as a Professional Birth Assistant (Doula) and a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist. She was certified Level 1 in ‘Female Energy Awakening Therapy’ by Miranda Grey in December 2017 and she is recently engaged in a Master in Herbal Medicine and Nutrition by the Irish Herbal Medicine School.

The Female Energy Awakening® or ‘womb blessing’ is a balancing hands-on healing sequence to activate the female power centres of the head, the heart and the womb. This gentle yet powerful therapy awakens, and strengthens the connection to our own female essence and empowered femininity. The womb blessing is an inner journey leading a woman to feel more comfortable and confident in her unique body. In particular it brings greater awareness of the menstrual cycle and insight into how to harness the various qualities naturally arising at each of the phases. It is especially healing to receive a womb blessing at any of the following times;

• When experiencing hormonal and menstrual cycle imbalances

• During emotionally turbulent times

• During pregnancy and recovering after childbirth.

• First menses and menopause and other women’s rites of passage

• Healing of previous sexual trauma

• Grief through miscarriage, baby loss or abortion

Womb blessings can be received many times leading to greater self-realisation and an increasing deeper connection with our own unique feminine energy.

Female Energy Awakening – Personal Womb Blessing  – 1 hour – £45

Mobile: 07759358555


Facebook: #vida.birthdoula

Sofia offers Doula, Female Awakening Therapy from our clinic in Faversham, Kent.

Sofia Perez
Sofia Perez
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“After the session I was very relaxedand I slept like a baby. For the first time in a little while. Today I am still relaxed and can focus much better on my work. This makes me really happy”



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