Foot Care Treatment We offer a foot care service at Abbey Place Clinic in Faversham, Kent. Abbey Place Clinic is ideally placed close to Faversham town centre, which is easily accessible by motorway and public transport.

buy gabapentin 300mg uk A Foot care treatment, includes a consultation, foot examination and can comprise of the following:

Toenail trimming • Ingrown/thickened/misshapen toenails • Corns • Callus • Verrucae • Cracked heels/fissures • Fungal nails/skin conditions • Fingernail trimming

All feet treated including  Elderly / Diabetic feet & patients taking Warfarin / Asprin.

The human foot consists of 26 bones, which are bound together by ligaments, and supported by muscles. The human foot is an extremely complicated part of our body. Our feet work very hard, often walking many miles in one day, and we tend to neglect them until something goes wrong.

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Our Foot Care Practitioner

Frances Chandler
Frances ChandlerHPD. MNCH (Reg). TFT Algo. MRFHP. FHT.
Hypnotherapy, Thought Field Therapy, Foot Care, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, mBit Coach
07957 571790
More About Frances

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We are passionate about offering a holistic service that can heal both inside and out, which is why we aim to offer a full comprehensive service to ensure you receive the most appropriate help for your needs.