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Rhiannon Robertson


Hello, I'm Rhiannon, a relational integrative therapist. You may be considering therapy for various reasons, be that relationship issues, trauma, bereavement, anxiety, stress, or you may feel stuck and unable to harness your full potential. In all these instances therapy can help to unpack your difficulties and gain a new perspective and clarity on a situation. My role is to sit alongside you whilst you explore your emotional world. I aim to help you to understand your motivations and patterns of behaviour, in order to build resilience and better manage the contradictions of life. As a relational integrative therapist, I [...]

Rhiannon Robertson2022-11-02T14:29:11+00:00

Wendy Scrase – Homeopath


Welcome to Kent Homeopathy, a charitable clinic offering free healthcare to those who need it.  The clinic is funded by charity Homeopathy UK and run by experienced NHS nurse and homeopath Wendy Scrase RSHom MFHom (Nurse). Wendy trained as a homeopath in the 1990’s after seeing a friend successfully treated for a severe case of mastitis.  Wendy has over thirty years’ experience and has worked in Africa as well as the UK.  She is particularly interested in engaging with each of her patients as individuals, rather than a set of symptoms. Homeopathy is a natural and effective form of complementary [...]

Wendy Scrase – Homeopath2022-04-19T15:44:55+01:00

Matt Goss Accredited BACP Counsellor


I am an experienced Accredited BACP counsellor with a number of years experience working in private practice as well as for the NHS carrying out short and long term therapy with adults. As well as my work with adults I work with children and young people using a variety of non-directive play and art therapy techniques. Counselling is a way of exploring issues, feelings, relationships and behaviours in order to improve your well being. I work in a non-judgemental and empathic way and my aim is to provide you with a safe and confidential space to enable you to work [...]

Matt Goss Accredited BACP Counsellor2021-11-25T15:44:25+00:00

Paula Emmens – Hypnotherapy, NLP, and Coaching


Hello, I’m Paula, owner of Mind You, providing private therapy and coaching for your mental wellbeing and personal development. I’m passionate in helping people to make sense of their feelings and to reach their personal goals. Whatever challenges life brings, I am here to help, guide and teach you the skills you need to be able to make a difference and to live your life as the best version of yourself. Everyone has their own ‘unique model of the World’, and as such, my sessions are individually tailored for each person’s specific needs and goals. I offer a safe, confidential, [...]

Paula Emmens – Hypnotherapy, NLP, and Coaching2022-01-05T15:43:27+00:00

Jonathon Holmes – Therapeutic Counsellor


Hi, my name’s Jonathon, a Therapeutic Counsellor based in East Kent. My clients reflect society, from 18 plus through to those in their late 70’s and come from diverse social backgrounds, ethnicities and sexuality. We predominantly meet for face-to-face counselling or in some circumstances clients choose therapy via Skype, FaceTime, or telephone. For almost two years my work has been with clients at MIND, the UK’s number one mental health charity. In addition, clients are now welcomed at my own private practice. Fifty minute sessions are usually open-ended (as opposed to specific in number) and clients are given the same [...]

Jonathon Holmes – Therapeutic Counsellor2021-03-29T16:36:11+01:00

Carol Smithers – Clinical Hypnotherapist, TFT and Parts Therapist


I have worked in the NHS as a registered general nurse, midwife and am currently a sister on the neonatal intensive care unit where I look after very sick very pre-term babies. This is a  stressful, high powered, professional career supporting families in sometimes very difficult times but can also be a very rewarding career I understand the pressures of working in a high powered professional job where there is a lack of support and I can teach you tools and strategies to help you to cope when working in a high powered, stressful environment. I have over 30 years [...]

Carol Smithers – Clinical Hypnotherapist, TFT and Parts Therapist2021-03-29T15:53:34+01:00

Jason Colyer – Workplace Strategy Coach, Career Coach and Counsellor


I am a fully qualified coach and counsellor with over 15 years’ experience of helping individuals deal with the challenges that life throws our way. I offer a person centered, friendly approach and can help you feel at ease and able to discuss the issues that are concerning you. I have a wealth of experience in supporting clients, where I provide a confidential environment that enables opportunities to be fully explored, identify barriers that may be holding clients back and empower them to think outside the box to generate new effective strategies that enables progress with their individual goals. His in-depth [...]

Jason Colyer – Workplace Strategy Coach, Career Coach and Counsellor2021-03-29T13:57:21+01:00

Recovery Coaching


For those who are in recovery, life can seem like an endless slog of therapy and support.  If you are struggling with, or recovering from, an addiction, mental health problem, or eating disorder then life coaching may be able to help you see other life options that will support your recovery and help you move forward in a positive way.  Effective coaching may help you regain the confidence to work out what you want from life and how to get there. When we feel empowered, we focus on what we can do, rather than what we can’t. It is in [...]

Recovery Coaching2019-10-09T22:36:31+01:00

Do Diets make you Fat


A study by Dr Sally Robinson from Christchurch University in Canterbury found that 22.9% of four to five year olds were overweight or obese, and in the report claims in the last 25 years alone the number of people shown to be overweight or obese has tripled. I have friends who have been horrified by schools wanting to weigh their children at school and label them as overweight (and believe me they don’t look it), who have felt patronised by the healthy eating guides they have been given. Don’t get me wrong – I watched Jamie Oliver’s battle to improve [...]

Do Diets make you Fat2019-10-09T22:36:37+01:00

The Myths of Hypnotherapy


Will you make me cluck like a chicken? Am I out of control? Will I tell you my secrets? Can I get stuck in hypnosis? These are the types of questions I get asked by new clients and it is often the reason that prevents people from seeking help with a hypnotherapist. These myths (they are not true by the way :) ) are often the result of media sensationalism. To promote hypnosis in this way makes good tv watching, even childrens’ cartoons portray hypnosis as a way to control others in a ‘zombie’ type state (often with spinning eyes!).  [...]

The Myths of Hypnotherapy2019-10-09T22:36:44+01:00
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