We offer a free homeopathy service run by Wendy Scrase at Kent Homeopathy, a charitable clinic funded by Homeopathy UK.  For more information and to book an appointment click here

Homeopathy is a safe and gentle system of healing which aims to assist the natural tendency of the body to heal itself. It recognizes that all symptoms of ill health are expressions of disharmony within the whole person and that it is the patient who needs the treatment and not just the disease. It therefore may be helpful in all cases of ill health no matter what the diagnosis.

Homeopathy as we know it today has been used for the past 200 years and was developed by a German physician called Samuel Hahnemann but the principle behind homeopathy is 2,500 years old. The word HOMEOPATHY comes from the Greek and means ‘similar suffering’. This refers to the central philosophy that a substance that can produce symptoms in a healthy person can alleviate those symptoms when they are part of an illness.

For instance, when cutting up an onion we often experience a runny nose and watery, stinging eyes. For a patient who is suffering from the common cold or maybe hayfever presenting with these symptoms, a homeopath may give the remedy Alium Cepa, the remedy made from the red onion. The way of similars, the homeopathic way, is to give the patient a minute dose of a substance which, if taken in its crude form, would produce those symptoms in a healthy person. The minute dose means that no side effects or addiction will result. It is safe to take homeopathy in infancy, old age or pregnancy or at times when you may not want to take conventional drugs.

A homeopath’s job is to match a remedy to your symptoms as you individually experience them. Your homeopath will be interested in finding out not only about your physical health but also about your emotional well being. Symptoms are the body’s way of warning that all is not well and attempting to restore balance.

Treatment will usually be given in tablet form but can come as a liquid or powder. The remedies should be taken dry on the tongue and allowed to dissolve in your mouth with nothing else to be taken orally for 20 minutes before or after the remedy.

Homeopathic remedies are safe and do not react with other forms of treatment. They are pleasant tasting and children usually have no problem taking them.

The length of a course of treatment will generally depend on the type of illness. A very slow developing complaint that has been ongoing for several years is unlikely to disappear overnight. Acute illnesses can improve rapidly.

People who have homeopathic treatment generally find that their state of health and well being has improved. They may become better able to resist infections and have a greater stability and zest for life. These improvements are real steps towards optimum health.

Our Homeopath service is available at Abbey Place Clinic in Faversham, Kent.