Dawn Carter Accredited BACP Counsellor


My name is Dawn Carter and I am an accredited BACP counsellor, EMDR practitioner and Couple Therapist. I work as an integrative therapist, and  although Person Centred is my underlining approach I  also have training in other modalities such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy ,Systemic Therapy and also  mindfulness. I have a nursing background both as a Registered General  Nurse  and Mental Health Nurse. I worked for many years in the NHS as a Nurse Specialist in Addiction field 1990 - 2003 and completed a Post graduate Diploma in Addictive Behaviour at St Georges Hospital in Tooting 1993. In 2003 I [...]

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John King Dip. Couns. Reg MBACP


I am a qualified and experienced BACP registered therapeutic counsellor.  I meet and work with my clients either in Ashford or Faversham and I offer to meet your needs with either short- or long-term counselling. My experience as a counsellor includes working with clients seeking help with low mood / depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, abuse, low self-esteem, anger management, overcoming loss, bereavement, compulsive thoughts and/or behaviours, trauma and relationship difficulties.  I have also significant experience working with parents experiencing symptoms of postnatal depression. I aim to create a safe, confidential and relaxed environment in which you and I can work [...]

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Jonathon Therapeutic Counsellor


Hi, my name’s Jonathon, a Therapeutic Counsellor based in East Kent. My clients reflect society, from 18 plus through to those in their late 70’s and come from diverse social backgrounds, ethnicities and sexuality. We predominantly meet for face-to-face counselling or in some circumstances clients choose therapy via Skype, FaceTime, or telephone. For almost two years my work has been with clients at MIND, the UK’s number one mental health charity. In addition, clients are now welcomed at my own private practice. Fifty minute sessions are usually open-ended (as opposed to specific in number) and clients are given the same [...]

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Jason Colyer – Workplace Strategy Coach, Career Coach and Counsellor


I am a fully qualified coach and counsellor with over 15 years’ experience of helping individuals deal with the challenges that life throws our way. I offer a person centered, friendly approach and can help you feel at ease and able to discuss the issues that are concerning you. I have a wealth of experience in supporting clients, where I provide a confidential environment that enables opportunities to be fully explored, identify barriers that may be holding clients back and empower them to think outside the box to generate new effective strategies that enables progress with their individual goals. My [...]

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Sofia Perez – MA, Doula, Female Awakening, Encapsulation Specialist


Sofia Perez has been trained as a Professional Birth Assistant (Doula) and a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist. She was certified Level 1 in ‘Female Energy Awakening Therapy’ by Miranda Grey in December 2017 and she is recently engaged in a Master in Herbal Medicine and Nutrition by the Irish Herbal Medicine School. The Female Energy Awakening® or ‘womb blessing’ is a balancing hands-on healing sequence to activate the female power centres of the head, the heart and the womb. This gentle yet powerful therapy awakens, and strengthens the connection to our own female essence and empowered femininity. The womb blessing is [...]

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Bluebell Physio – Physiotherapy


What's it all about? Physio (as the name suggests) is a profession that uses physical means as opposed to medicines for the prevention and treatment of injury, disease and disability. Basically, we see people who are, for one reason or another, suffering with physical problems such as aches, pains and stiffness. People who are having difficulty with day to day activities, working or pursuing hobbies and sports. We deal with nerves, muscles, bones and all the bits that join them together. Physiotherapists should be properly qualified and registered so you know you’re in safe hands. You need to check for [...]

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Lawrence Bergstrom & Associates Osteopath


Lawrence Bergstrom & Associates Lawrence graduated from The London School of Osteopathy having successfully completed the five year course, gaining over 1500 hours of clinical experience before entering practice as a Registered Osteopath. Since graduation Lawrence has been very busy in both private practice and the NHS where he is passionate to see Osteopathy offered to a greater proportion of the general public. Lawrence works with a broad range of presenting complaints and a very wide range of age groups. Lawrence has experience working with elite and professional sports people at national and international level having previously been an elite [...]

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Cathy O’Mahoney – Divorce Consultant, Divorce and Family Mediator


I am a Divorce Consultant, a former family solicitor and a mediator. I can help you to look at all of your options if you have reached the unhappy decision that you can no longer remain with your partner or spouse. You may have already made the decision that you or your spouse or partner will move out, or you may be trying to work out the best way forward. You may be completely confused as to what to do. One thing is certain – if you do decide to separate, everything is going to be very different. When relationships [...]

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Liat D’Elia – Specialist Fertility & Maternity Care Reflexologist & Therapeutic Hot & Cold stone Massage Practitioner


Liat D’Elia MFHT ARR MAR Cert Couns Our expert reflexologist, Liat D’Elia, uses a technique of applying gentle pressure to reflex areas on the hands and feet to bring about a state of deep relaxation and to stimulate the body’s own healing processes. Liat also offers (facial reflexology) for people looking for an even gentler introduction to reflexology and quicker downtime. As the founder of the nmf clinic (natural maternity and fertility) and Reflexology in Kent , Liat has extensive experience of reflexology to support women through their hormonal journey from menstruation and fertility, pregnancy to motherhood, perimenopause and menopause. [...]

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Sarah Farenden, ACMT – Massage, Aromatherapy


*Sarah is currently on maternity leave* Sarah is an Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist trained in a number of methods of working with soft tissue. A typical body massage will incorporate Myofascial Release, to help reduce restrictions in the body’s connective tissue; Trigger Point Therapy, to help diminish patterns of pain; Swedish Massage, to increase blood and lymph circulation; and stretching to assist the muscle fibres to regain better range of movement. The combination of techniques creates a treatment that is ideal for achieving your therapy goal, whether that be getting out of pain, increasing athletic performance, or having a deeply relaxing [...]

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