Lawrence Bergstrom & Associates Osteopath


Lawrence Bergstrom & Associates Lawrence graduated from The London School of Osteopathy having successfully completed the five year course, gaining over 1500 hours of clinical experience before entering practice as a Registered Osteopath. Since graduation Lawrence has been very busy in both private practice and the NHS where he is passionate to see Osteopathy offered to a greater proportion of the general public. Lawrence works with a broad range of presenting complaints and a very wide range of age groups. Lawrence has experience working with elite and professional sports people at national and international level having previously been an elite [...]

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Cathy O’Mahoney – Divorce Consultant, Divorce and Family Mediator


I am a Divorce Consultant, a former family solicitor and a mediator. I can help you to look at all of your options if you have reached the unhappy decision that you can no longer remain with your partner or spouse. You may have already made the decision that you or your spouse or partner will move out, or you may be trying to work out the best way forward. You may be completely confused as to what to do. One thing is certain – if you do decide to separate, everything is going to be very different. When relationships [...]

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Lucy Stanyer – Life Coach, Career Coach and Business Coach


Lucy Stanyer - Life Coaching, Career Coach and Business Coach You know that you need to make a significant change to your work and life, but you don’t know how – and don’t want to do it alone. Coaching is a powerful process that can help you to get clarity, feel more confident and make positive change to your life, business or work. What coaching will give you Coaching with me is an investment in yourself - space for you to take a step back and refocus. The Coaching process can help you understand what you really want and need, harness [...]

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Carol Macey – Life Coach, TFT & NLP


I am Carol and I help people to make positive changes in their lives and to overcome any obstacles that prevent them maintaining theses changes. I qualified as a Mental Health Nurse in 1998 and I have worked in the NHS, the Prison service and private sector. The problem that I see in many of my clients is that they feel stuck which effects their emotional well-being and they are unable to make the positive changes that are needed to improve their lives. I help people explore what the problem is by looking at their different live areas and how [...]

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Julie Taylor – DIP HYP, MNCH (Acc)


I am Julie Taylor, the sole founder of Time2Shine Hypnotherapy where I offer a client centred, non judgemental atmosphere in which to create an understanding and therapeutic relationship with you. I offer an integrated approach using Hypnotherapy, NLP and TFT to help clients with a full range of emotional issues that we all experience from time to time. These therapies are safe and non invasive, and the beauty of them, is that they teach you strategies and techniques to allow your future to become brighter, positive and exciting in a perfectly natural way. Although we work together in session a [...]

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Frances Chandler – Hypnotherapy, Thought Field Therapy, Foot Care, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, mBit Coach


My name is Frances Chandler, I am a registered Hypnotherapist, and TFT practitioner, mBIT Coach, Foot Health Practitioner and Holistic Therapist. I have extensive experience of client care during a long, successful career providing therapies for clients. Hypnotherapy My great passion has always been helping people. I offer a non-judgemental client led, holistic, warm and empathic approach to hypnotherapy, integrating TFT (Thought Field Therapy) and mBIT coaching, for a wide range of emotional issues. When circumstances in our lives hit us head on, causing stress, trauma and lack of confidence, it’s not surprising our lives begin to unravel. Your treatment is [...]

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Robert Glanz- Psychotherapist & Counsellor


I am a Psychotherapist who works with adults one to one. I offer a welcoming, non judgemental space to talk and think about issues that may be troubling you. Our work together might include looking at what is happening in your life right now as well as trying to understand how your past experiences inform your current relationships and predicaments and how you feel about yourself. I will often use my experience of you as a therapist in the ‘here and now’ to allow us to understand what goes on for you in other relationships with friends, family or partners. [...]

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Teresa Davey – Registered & Accredited Independent Counsellor / Psychotherapist, Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and approved Practitioner for Aviva Insurance.


I offer a warm, non judgemental approach and a choice of short or long term therapy to fit the needs of each individual client. My original training in Humanistic theory is still at the core of my work, and my approach is of an Integrative nature which means I draw on different theories and techniques that best fit the needs of each client. I believe that what is most important is the relationship between client and therapist, and it is fundamental to establish a good working alliance. I further believe that the client knows where their problems lie, and I [...]

Teresa Davey – Registered & Accredited Independent Counsellor / Psychotherapist, Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and approved Practitioner for Aviva Insurance.2019-10-09T22:46:50+01:00

Melanie Duffy – Relationship and Sexual Therapist, Sex Addiction Therapist


I have specialised in Relationship and Sexual Therapy for couples and individuals for over 14 years and trainied in this area of expertise at the Maudsley Hospital,  Institute of Psychiatry, London.  In more recent years, I have worked increasingly with the growing problem of Sexual Addiction and therefore trained as a Sex Addiction Practitioner at the Marylebone Centre for Sexual Addiction, London. I am a  COSRT accredited therapist. THERAPY APPROACH The techniques that I use are taken from the Behavioural Systems approach to couple and sexual problems, in conjunction with CBT ( cognitive behavioural therapy) and the psychodynamic approach. In [...]

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Brian Leetham – Counsellor


Counselling is a confidential space in which you can safely explore your concerns affecting your life and explore feelings, thoughts and experiences in a safe environment without being judged. We all have difficulties at some time in our life. Identifying that there is a need to seek help is the first step to recovery. I as an Integrative Counsellor, I am able to draw from various therapy models to best help a client achieve their counselling goals. Having trained primarily within the Kent & Medway NHS & Social Care Partnership Trust. I completed my Diploma (BACP Accredited) at Inter-Psyche and [...]

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